coaching can mean a lot of things We consider our approach to be quite light and entertaining.
One can often hear or read about the fact that we are our own obstacle in reaching our desired self. And that is the basis of our coaching system.
It all starts with taking 100% responsibility for yourself and to learn a new lifestyle where you follow your own path during which you are having the time of your life.

health, abundance, and fun

- the three pillars of every successful role model. 
We will help you build these 3 pillars for yourself to be able to live your dream life.
The future starts now!
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We also offer coaching on Skype and phone in three languages: English, German and Hungarian

Coaching / About me

Szilard Koos
entrepreneur, best-selling author, hypnotiser, dare coach

About being an entrepreneur:

In my business life I have always done things that made a lot of fun. And sometimes the product itself was fun - this is the basis of one of my companies MAXX Entertainment (www.maxx-e.com).
Other times I wanted to discover new areas, challenges and obviously, I wanted to reach my personal goals based on my own pillars of life: abundance, health, and fun. This way I founded start-ups, and other companies in domains like IT, marketing, personal development. I consider the latter to be my calling. I enjoy helping people more than anything else, and it is something I would also do for free.

Being a best-selling author:

Quieting the mind and being present was always an important part of becoming the full self. Meditation and the exciting journey into spirituality led me to read and study a vast amount of self-help books revolving around inner peace and prosperity. On this studying path, I was directly or indirectly trained by mentors such as Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and much more.
Obviously, these books, coachings, teachings cover many territories, but one I would like to highlight is the coaching principles of Jack Canfield. Being part of the Jack Canfield coaching program eventually led to co-writing the best selling book with him: Mastering the Art of Success.

Hypnosis and other helpful releasing methods

Reaching our full potential is often difficult due to our blockades, limiting beliefs and thoughts. They keep us from progressing and trough them we actually push the brakes on our own evolvement.
This is why working with blockades is one of my specialty. I like teaching my clients several techniques. I especially like working with EFT, Sedona, Option method, DARE, etc. and hypnosis. It is not a question of IF these methods work but rather WHICH one will suite my client's individual needs. 


One of the most difficult blockades to conquer are anxiety. In my interpretation anxiety is an elevated form of WORRY which then loops in a devil's circle. Anxiety can lead to many public disorders like panic attacks, OCD, phobias, depression, etc. 
10 years before I too was suffering from panic attacks and a book called Panic Away by Barry McDonagh saved me from that hell. Then I decided that I want to work with people and I want to help them to be free of such terrible chains. So not only I became the main sponsor of the revolutionary new book on ENDING anxiety and panic attacks called DARE, but I also became partner with the author and distributed his work in some European countries (Austria as well) offering to coach for those who need a little bit of an extra help on applying the technique. 
If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks please know - this might be your best chance of "curing" yourself FOR GOOD.
More information about the DARE program: HERE


Szilard Koos

Founder / CEO